Handmade Gift Giving Part 2


One of my favorite things that I made with the help of my lovely son were these earrings! They were so easy that with some help from me the little man really got these put together in no time. (The hardest part was waiting overnight for the glue to dry!) We made them for my mom and for my boyfriend's daughter, S. I think that they turned out great and that they aren't exactly the same. Next week, I will have a quick tutorial up for these so stay tuned for that 🙂


I also managed to make 7 pairs of lounge pants for the kiddos. I used my standard pattern for these (link here on my tutorial page). I, however, did not manage to take any photos of the finished pants (guess it must have been Christmas brain), but they have already been worn with lots of love. My favorite part of making these pants this time was getting to use my cover stitch machine! It really made them look so professional and finished in a lot less time.

I also knit a quick pink infinity scarf that I also forgot to take a photo of when it was finished up. It took me one evening to knit up.

For the little man, I decided to make him some beanies.


After making a pattern, these were a cinch to whip up on my serger. I have already dreamed up a few ways to change them up with a few additions. These are all made out of knits and the brown and green features a rib knit band. X really likes these and they are also a little slouchy at the top. I am working on getting a free pattern up for these around the end of the month.

Next year, I am hoping to have even more handmade gifts to give, but I think I better get started a lot sooner if I want to do that. Luckily this year I finished up everything a few days before Christmas and really didn't feel and pressure to get them done. For once, I was slightly over-prepared and kept myself to realistic goals. That really helped me to enjoy the holiday season this year and still make some lovely handmade gifts.


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