Handmade Gift Giving Part 1


The first thing that I made was actually probably not a gift unless you want to call it making a little gift for you. I had found these half square triangle blocks in my Christmas fabric stash. There was enough to make a small table runner, so after a little fiddling I got them arranged into this neat little runner. One of the details I decided to add was to use some top-stitching thread to make the quilting really pop! I loved how this looked on our dining table during the holiday season.


The next big project was actually an awesome compilation with one of my best pals. She wanted to make her boyfriend a quilt and after spending a little time at our local quilt shop, browsing online, and brainstorming, this flannel quilt was decided upon.


This quilt ended up a little different than the store sample that we saw. The biggest change we made was deciding to make it into a tie quilt. I love the way that it turned out and with it being my first time making a tie quilt, it was a really simple and enjoyable way to get a quilt done. It was also fun to make a quilt with someone. It kept the process moving, enjoyable, and lots of laughter in between all the sewing. The binding is also a scrappy binding and there was very little waste with making this quilt which I think was an added bonus. The quilt is being enjoyed and loved in it's new home!

Stay tuned next week for part 2 of my handmade gift giving!

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