Dreaming, doing, and starting fresh…


2014 is going to be one big, awesome, exciting, challenging, sort-of-fly-with-it kind of year! My goals have been made (you can find the list here)and I am already working on many of them.

The main progress has really happened on my goals before 30 aka I am an "official" business owner, I have been really moving more (I am really loving the Tone It Up program and the 100byVDay challenge), and I am steadily making headway on all the other goals as well!

On the crafty side of things I have already made one knit hat and have another in progress (I am going to get that one finished up and off the needles this week). My project life pages are slowly being created, the title page is done along with plans for a couple more layouts, and I am using up lots of my hoarded, I mean stored supplies. The other goals I am sorting of taking my time with since I am only 2 months into working on my goals. 

I love how this year seems to be the year of big changes for me (already in the first few weeks of the new year so many things have already taken place) and I am loving how things are turning out. The next couple weeks are going to be spent on working on many, many projects, reorganizing all sorts of things, sewing, designing, getting into my new long-term routine, and striving to reach my goals. Hopefully, your new year is off to a great start!

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