Welcome December…

The last month of 2013 and I am so looking forward to it! One of my favorite things about this month, is the awesome amount of family time that happens. I love making memories and this year is no exception! Already I have managed to get the boyfriend's house decorated (with the help of the kiddos and the absolute best supporter of my crazy ideas, the boyfriend of course!) and I only have a couple more holiday projects to finish up for there.


A new paper Christmas garland and hanging ornaments in the kitchen

I also have been busy making lots of little quick projects in the afternoons, like garlands, signs, hats, pom-poms, and wreaths…

Red and gold Wreath
 Then it's off to decorate my house and I have already decided the theme for this year's tree: Snowballs & Icicles! That is going to be this week's big project along with a ton of sewing! I am still trying to narrower down my to-do list to the most important things. This holiday season is going to be full of new traditions, family, hopefully some snow, and a lot of merry making! How are your holidays starting out? 

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