My attempt at making Christmas homemade…

I love to make, craft, and gift give. This Christmas, one of my main goals is to make (with thought) a majority of the gifts for the people on my list. Of course, I am still going to buy them a few things, but I really wanted to mix in lots of handmade. Of course this leads to lots of top secret awesomeness to be shared right after Christmas here on the blog (don't worry, a few of the projects I will be able to share in advance!).

My list keeps growing just as fast as I seem to finish projects 🙂 Between all of my sewing projects, a little knitting, and drafting patterns for my upcoming pattern line, it looks like winter has finally arrived in our neck of the woods. X and I went and had a little fun in the snow the other morning!



It was a fun, very cold time, but completely worth it to see his giant smile. I love how he takes in each moment and just has a good time. Hopefully the start of your holiday season is full of amazing moments!

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