It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


The decorations are going up and the festivities are in full swing. This year's magical theme for the tree… Snowballs! Every year I try and come up with a theme for our little 4.5 foot artificial tree (I know, real is better but this little tree is on year seven and still going strong). Out of my giant boxes of ornaments, I pick just a few to decorate the tree matching the theme.

Some back-story: these ornaments were actually made by me and tons of my classmates in my seventh grade art class for the Festival of Trees that year. It was a huge tree (something like 8 feet or so) which we used to have because when you buy a tree for charity that has tons of handmade ornaments, it pretty much rocks! The little penguin guys are actually painted nuts (nuts were used for tons of the ornaments). Since downsizing to a smaller tree that leaves lots of options for which ornaments get used each year. One thing that always gets used is the snowman tree topper!

Snowman topper

Besides somehow getting a small cold that included a very sore throat and a still somewhat rough sounding voice along with a lot of tissue use, my mom and I made some progress decorating most of our home, we still have a ways to go though. 

Christmas collage
Hopefully we can get through the rest of decorating tonight! Now it's time to get back to the sewing machine and finish up a few Christmas presents today in between crossing off all the things on my crazy to-do list!

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