Holiday Tidbits


This holiday season so far has been about new traditions mixing in with old traditions. Instead of just a gingerbread house, we made a little village! It was all going well until the icing became a little temperamental. I think that they turned out pretty cute and were from a store bought kit. Next year, maybe I will try my hand at making them from scratch…. one can dream can't they! 

The kiddos have been busy enjoying one of their early Christmas presents, the Lego City and Lego Friends advent calendar.



They have been so excited to open them up each day and build a little something all while growing their respective Lego collections. It has been a joy to see all the fun they are having and I think this might become a new tradition around our home for the holidays. The best part of every holiday season is just breaking out all the holiday decorations.


Of course, I have also been busy crafting/sewing/making/wrapping up a storm. Luckily, I will be able to start sharing some of the things that were on my handmade-must-make-this list starting tomorrow. Today, I finished up all of my handmade projects that needed to be done for Christmas (Friday, I finished up all my shopping), so now the real fun begins. Let's hope I can keep them a secret because I am so excited to give them away. One of the best parts of toiling away in the studio is seeing this cutie napping while I am listening to some Murder, She Wrote. I think Bentley is a fan, too!



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