A Little Bit of Handmade Gift Giving


These ornaments were the first set of gifts that have made it to their new homes! I saw these ornaments last year over on Kelli's blog True Bias for the 2012 Ornament Exchange. Her little peacoat ornaments were so adorable that I kept them bookmarked on my computer. When I decided to make a gift for some very fashionable ladies, I knew that these would fit the bill!

I set to work rifling through my bucket of felt and soon had 5 of these little guys in the works, my 6th one was lost cause early on since my machine started having some major tension issues. I made each one different and chose fun/unexpected linings from my scrap bucket.


They were a neat little project to make, those sleeves though liked to cause me a little bit of a headache, but I got them in. Only 3 of these ornaments would be going as gifts and the other 2 would be for my mom and me. *I kept the mustard and winter white ones and I have to say the mustard one was the easiest to sew. I think because it was a wool felt and was a lot smoother than the regular craft felt I used for the rest.

When I was making the ornaments I started thinking about how I was going to wrap them up. Luckily, the boxes from my Birchbox subscription fit the bill (I knew saving them was a good idea). So I went to work transforming the boxes with some patterned paper, a little ink, and instead of ribbons, I made pom-poms to tie them off. The tags were cut from kraft cardstock.


A handmade christmas card and the ornament wrapped in tissue were in each box. Hopefully the ladies all enjoyed these as much as I loved making them. I really love how they look on the tree, maybe next year I will add a few more to my collection.


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