Progress in the Studio

Huge progress has been made on the studio. Furniture has been moved around, things are being sorted, purged, and re-organized. I am glad to see that it hopefully won't take much longer to have it set up perfectly for my new adventure (I now have plenty of room to start drafting some new patterns for my soon to be available independent sewing pattern line!)

 Lots of Murder, She Wrote has been playing in the background while I am sorting things.

Pictures have been moved around and rehung. Bookshelves have been moved and organized into categories.

The yarn is organized and patterns how been found. In fact I cast on a new project just last night!

sewing area
The sewing area is almost complete. My drafting table moved and everything on it was sorted and put away. My closet is filled with most of my non-sewing craft related things. Not only to I love the direction it is all headed in, but I am excited to spend many hours up there dreaming, sketching, drafting, and sewing. Thanks to my pal Kristen for helping me sort and move and mostly just keeping me on track with this overwhelmingly large project.

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