Goals for 30

since there really isn't any sewing commencing around these parts since the studio is torn apart and being carefully put back together (a little like humpty dumpty I suppose). Once the studio is put back together, it is going to be a full on sewing adventure up there (I am warning you to be ready for a ton of sewing and crafty related posts!) I have so many projects planned, on my to-do list, or are twirling around in my head.

In between all that cleaning, plotting, and planning, I worked on coming up with my goals for the next year. (For me, I like to make goals from birthday to birthday instead of New Year resolutions, it just makes sense to me) Instead of trying to wear my self out going after a ton of goals I decided to come up with a small but extremely meaningful list that would challenge me. I worked on coming up with goals that would mean a lot to me, be either life changing habits or at the very least help me in the pursuit of my life goals and dreams.


These goals all seem very intertwined with each other and a lot of them will cross paths in order for me to successfully conquer them. Over the next year I am going to focus on making these goals fit into my everyday life. I can't wait to see where this journey leads.

**you can check out the recap of last here's goals over here**

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