Welcome to my new spot!

I recently decided to make a big jump and switch over typepad! So far I am loving it! In a couple weeks I will be shutting down my old blogspot address (kzjostudio.blogspot.com) so make sure that you update your feed readers or follow me with bloglovin' at kzjostudio.typepad.com

First of all I am super excited about the change! I have several new blog series in the works, lots of diys, sewing, cooking and a ton of other pretty fun things. There are so many things I want to share with you on this blog, I have been making lists, learning a little bit of coding, taking tons of photos, planning, planning, and a little more planning!

For the last month lots of fun things have been happening. One of the biggest things is that I am going to be getting into a new routine because I am going to be putting in all my effort to get my dream job/buisness up of the ground in the next few months. I am already working hard on a line women's ready-to-wear pdf downloadable sewing patterns. It's still in it infancy (check out my new logo in the header!!! I love it so much and my adorable godsister Nicole designed it for me. She is amazing!) and there will be lots of sneak peaks, a lot more getting to know me, tons of projects, and soon patterns galore. It feels like the perfect time in my life to really try and make a go of my dream job. Here's to the beginning of a new adventure and a new chapter in my life!

I have been managing to stay busy with things in my studio, doing a little painting and decorating for fall/halloween at the boyfriend's house,

spending lots of time with my family, insanely into fall cooking and baking, work, and getting this school routine down with a really excited to-be-a-big-boy little man!

Here's to a new adventure in a new space! And p.s. my little man is way too adorable!!!

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