A first attempt at making homemade caramel…

Caramel apples, a fall favorite for many, something that seems fairly easy to make. A quick interne search or pinterest search yeilded a ton of recipes. Luckily, my mom gifted me with a new Halloween cookbook that had lots of just Autumn recipes in it as well. It got me pondering and making more lists (I think I have a growing obsession with list making, just a little side thought).

Hmm….after a little reading up, I decided that making caramel is an art form in itself. There are so many different stages, exact temperature readings, lots of stirring, I have always been a little nervous to attempt it. So I gathered a recipe, the ingredients, and the help of one friend (who is usually up for my crazy ideas) and set to work.

Overall, it was fairly simple until the dipping of the apples.The caramel wasn't setting very well at first. So after a little trial and error and a lot of patience, it finally started setting enough so we could stick additional topping to them. The whole rolling them in nuts and sprinkles was a little bit chaotic which was something that I hadn't anticipated. How do people get them to look so awesome?! In this case I am thinking practice makes perfect or maybe trying several recipes, I really have no idea! (any advice on the topic would be greatly appreciated!)

Luckily the caramel tastes great and I think for a first attempt it was a good one! The little man is super happy with his one that ended up with orange sprinkles. I still have a large Halloween plate filled with these yummy treats! Overall this experience was pretty awesome (At a few points I may have felt a little bit like a scientist), and I might actually have worked up the courage to make caramels for the holidays this year along with all the cookies we bake. 



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