The end of one decade and the beginning of another…

Oh, twenties you were a mixed bag of a lot of different things! Highs, lows, goals made, life changes, accomplishments, and lots of re-groupings, new priorities and lots of laughter amongst a few tears. (my birthday is coming up on Sunday, but I thought I would take a minute to relect on my twenties before I turn the big 3-0!)

These are a few of the milestones, memories, and moments of the last decade:

• I graduated college with my BA in Fine Arts with a major in fashion design (dream completed!)

• Met an amazing group of people I still call my friends from working at one of the best places ever: Papersource 🙂 (what can I say I love me some crafting, stamping and making!)

• started blogging 🙂

• got married (even though he wasn't the one for me of all time, it was an experience and I will always keep the memories we had)

• had the most amazing child of all time, X! He is my best accomplishment ever! (that is the best thing that I got out of my marriage and for that I will always be thankful)

• moved back to my hometown and its still where I am calling home <3

• got divorced (through that I have come out a stronger person, had to pick my self up after feeling sorry about my self for quite some time. The love and help from my family has been unconditional and amazing!)

• Pushed my self to get back into sewing, I loved it but a small break from it, made me realize how much I loved it 🙂

• started taking a few more risks in life: applying for new jobs, teaching sewing classes, putting my self out there more, and getting out of my self-imposed bubble a little bit more

• Making birthday goals (none of this new year's resolution stuff for me, I make my goals from birthday to birthday)

• making life long friends and best pals along with spending time with my parentals!

• Developing, curating, plotting out what my dream job would be/look like. I am now in the process of making it happen 🙂

• Illustrating a book (I learned in that process that I really enjoy doing technical illustrations. This was also a huge goal that I had always dreamt about and am so glad it happened!)

• Falling in love with the guy that is just right for me. I seriously can't believe it sometimes. This was a huge thing for me and I am just positive that we are the right fit. Plus, its not just him but his adorable daughter. I just feel much more complete.

My puzzle pieces are just starting to coming together. I think the next decade is going to be better in a lot of ways.

For one, I feel more confident, more put together, more this is me… take it or leave it sort of thing. My list/inspiration/goals are already percolating over on this board on Pinterest. I know it's going to be a roller coaster of a ride, I am sure! I can't wait to take on this next adventure 🙂


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