Over the weekend…

was one of the busiest weekends in the last few months. On Friday (i know not technically the weekend but it was the start of the crazy fun times we had!), my little man turned the big 6! he woke up super excited, goofed around like crazy before school, then I brought treats to his classroom which he loved!

We had a wonderful little family dinner and hung out with family and close friends. It was a great time and so far he was loves being 6! Then we were up early on Saturday to make it to S's first basketball game!

Even though there team didn't win the game, they had a great time! It was so cute to see the girls starting out in this fun sport and it really brought back some of my favorite memories from when I used to plan basketball in grade school!

Then after the game it was time to head to one of my good friends weddings! Not only was I lucky to help her out with last minute details and whatever she needed, I got to take photos of the big day for them. I think some of them turned out amazing and the wedding was a lovely backyard affair.

I also got to wear a new now-my-absolute-favorite dress for the fall and basically whenever! (it may be my newest obsession!)

The annual trek to Halloween City was also made and we ended Saturday night with pizza and I managed to make some major headway on a huge project! Sunday was the first part of the Halloween card photo shoot. This is the first year I get to shoot two kiddos and the first girls Halloween costume I have made that wasn't for a school project. I plan on getting the through the editing of the photos later this week after I get X's done. After doing some chores and a few errands, Joe and I took the kiddos to a local corn maze for a little fall fun!


 This autumn is turning out to be one of my favorites of all time! Since it is already Tuesday, I better start getting a jump on my to-do list!


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