Halloween Garland Love

So, I might be slightly obsessed with garlands. I love to pin them for different holidays on my pinterest, but I rarely ever get them made. Now that the beginning of holiday season decorating is in full swing and I have two awesome places that I can make into a lovely mess, I mean an amazing display of holiday goodness. (my house and my boyfriend's house, poor guy, he probably didn't expect the over-the-top holiday crazy person- wink-wink). I decided I would start making a few things as well as picking up a few store bought items to start building a Halloween decoration collection at his house.

This was one of the first things, I thought of making- A Halloween Circle Garland:

I have to say that this might be one of my favorite projects ever! It was simple and fast along with the fact that my 5 year old loved using the punch to make some 1" circles for me 🙂

Materials Needed:

• Sheets of colored cardstock  [I went through my scrap bin and pulled halloween colors, the amount of sheets is really going to depend on how long you would like your garland]

Circle punches or die-cuts [I used a 1" circle punch from Martha Stewart Crafts and the Sizzix various circles die-cut sort of like this one]

Sewing machine

Contrasting thread

Let's Make it:

• Punch a bunch of circles (this is a great step to include kindergarten or older children into)


• Grab your pile of circles in various sizes and head to the sewing machine (mine is threaded with a lime green thread)….start by leaving a long tail at least 5" inches of thread at the beginning and start adding your circles. Sew down the middle of each circle and place them directly next to each other. Be random and mix them up in size and color. I had a ton of 1" circles so I did end up putting them next to each other quite often. 

• Keep adding circles until you get to your desired length or run out of them. I left a 5" length of thread at the end as well. Either tie the ends off or add a little drop of glue to secure. (keep the thread at the end if you choose to hang it and tie it to something. If draping, as I did cut the extra off)

• Hang up your garland and enjoy!


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