Another round of Lounge Pants for the kiddos…


I finally managed to get some time to attend to a much neglected aspect of my life… sewing time and my sewing machine! Sewing as really fallen by the wayside in the past year or so. Every time I have actually been sewing has been a more out of necessity or I really have to make something right down to the wire type of project. Over time, I realized that this was really starting to make me an unhappy camper since I truly love to sew and spend time creating things. Now I am able to make my sewing time back into what it should be: a huge priority. October and Halloween costumes really gave me the push I needed along with some other big changes around here to get back into the habit.


First up, the kiddos needed new lounge pants (I used this pattern I drafted some time ago and is a main stay in my sewing room. It's fast, easy, and not fussy at all). I made X 3 pairs and S 1 pair (I need to see how they fit to make some adjustments if needed before I start making a ton, I thought that would be the smart approach and hopefully save me some time in the long run!). Needless to say the X loves his like crazy even though I ended up making them insanely long (we have to roll them up a bit), but it always seems like I will blink and the pants will be too short before long.

This time around on the pants, I did a nice wide cuff to the bottom as an added touch and use up some of that extra length:

And for his birthday he requested this little number after he picked it out at the fabric store. (his charlie brown obsession is pretty awesome!) *these are fleece and the rest are flannel, I always prewash 🙂

It feels awesome to be back in the swing of things and I have a few more sewing projects in the works. Plus, the kiddos are ending up with some overdue new pjs to get them through the winter.

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