Another Friday…

has come and gone. The last two days, I have been busy taking care of one little man who has been under the weather. It's a good thing that this was the first week of starting to get into a new routine with staying/working from home more. My newly organized to-do list was waiting patiently, but many of the things on there needed my full attention and weren't as start and stop friendly. I decided to start working on this year's Halloween costumes!

This year, I am lucky enough to make two! For one thing, this is the first year that I get to make a girl's costume and I couldn't be more excited! I started working on S's costume first. I thought it would be a little quicker to finish up and I still was unsure of what components I would need to get/buy to create the vision I have in my head. Here's a sneak peak:

This was my first time making a crazy fluffy tutu! It turned out to be a really easy and fairly quick project (after checking Pinterest for a few tutorials; I liked this one). I am going to add a little gold glitter spray to give it some sparkle because I think that will just take this to the next level (so, I know I haven't told you what it's for, but you have to trust me its awesome and will be revealed after the Halloween photos have been taken for this year's card).

Escaping the house for a few quick errands I picked up a ton of paint that I needed to complete a few more projects. Saturday is already shaping up to be a really busy day with lots of sewing, spray painting, painting, and hopefully knocking out a few pairs of pajama pants for the kiddo since another pair has bit the dust and the rest are looking like capris.

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