A little bit of this and that…

These first few weeks of September seem to be flying by! I have been dreaming, list making, and goal-setting in between all my normal everyday stuff. X has started kindergarten (a new schedule to really get into), I have made some career decisions that will be awesome for my family and I will get to live some of my dream! More on that later! Here's a peek at what I have been doing:

I am so completely excited that it is the start of fall around here! We made a new Autumn Bucket list which I must say is pretty awesome. My first real football season experience with a die hard football kind of guy! (I really don't know anything about football, but it is a great reason to do lots of cooking!) Some autumn decorating has already commenced and I have some plans for more! There have been some amazing storms, cross-stitching (I am a lot farther now) and just lots of newness this year. This is going to be one cozy season! 

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