A new kind of normal…

transitions, seasons, changes. The part of life that will always happen. My new "normal" is still a work in progress. It has it's super bumpy moments, really awesome moments where everything is flowing, summer experiences, a whole lot of fun, and lots of emotions. I do feel that it is finally coming together (not exactly as I would have thought). Things are falling into place, maybe a little wonky, maybe just perfectly, but they are fitting and I am loving that! I am ending my twenties (later this year) with such a different perspective then I thought I would have if you would have asked me a few months or even years ago.

Shifting goals, priorities, and summer fun are really making this summer one for the record books. For one I am spending lots of quality time with an amazing man (that I am super lucky to have as a boyfriend), his fantastic daughter and of course my insanely cool son.

Here's a look at some of the fun over the past week:

Date nights, BBQs, lounging in the swimming pool, new party lights, competitive games of badminton, Sunday breakfasts, drive-in fun, summer lounging, swimming lessons, crossing things off our Summer bucket list, hot tub fun, camp outs in the living room, a birthday party, and making a lot of fun memories! This summer is going to be hard to beat!

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