The Pattern Dream List

at the moment, I am spending an insane amount of time really deep cleaning, purging, and reorganizing the studio space. In turn, any sewing has really come to a halt for the time being (luckily, I have another whole week to get the studio all spiffed up and then it might be time for an insane amount of sewing!). There are so many things that I need (okay, really want) to sew and make, seriously I have random project lists every where. Does anyone else do this?!

On a couple of the lists, I have patterns that I want, no make that need to purchase stat-like! These are the ones that keeping popping up on my lists:

From Grainline Studio:
     – Archer Button Up Shirt (find it here)
     – Scout Woven Tee (find it here)

From Megan Nielsen:
     – Briar Sweater & T-shirt pattern (find it here)
     – Breakwater collection (I fell in love with all 4, find it here)

From Colette Patterns:
     – Laurel (find it here)

From Ohhh Lulu:
     – Bambi soft bra (find it here)
     – Lola Brazilian Panties (find it here)

From Figgy's Patterns:
     – Ayashe Blouse (find it here)
     – Banyan tee & Tunic (find it here)
     – Lux Vest (find it here)
     – Scirocco dress (find it here)
     – Sunki dress (find it here)

From Jamie Christina:
     – Sol Hoodie (find it here)

Looks like I am going to need some major sewing time squeezed in. Do you have any favorite patterns that your obsessing over?

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