I love them, I need them, I threw mine away a few weeks ago because they were worn beyond the point of being wore out. For one thing, I have noticed I am really a slipper person (yes, I am an old lady inside this almost 30 year old body).

The past few weeks have been weird. Barefoot? Socks? Even flip-flops? Nothing felt just right… I missed my slippers. Now, a reasonable person would just go buy a pair of new ones, but it's summer. There isn't a huge selection out there. Then it hit me… I had bought everything to make slippers (the pattern is in Anna Maria Horner's amazing "Handmade Beginnings" book).

So in just a few short hours on Saturday I sewed up these beauties:

I used up some of my Anna Maria Horner fabric in my stash and since it was a large scale print, I ended up with a little mis-match set of slippers for the tops. The bottoms and sides are Ultrasuede and the lining is some flannel from Jo-anns. I chose not to add any embroidery or the flower to them, briefly I thought about adding some pom-poms. The pattern was easy to follow and went really quickly! So far I think that this is the best pair of slippers I have ever had (they are super cozy!!!!) and I am going to make a least one more pair for me and a pair for my mom.

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