Sorting, Cleaning & Unexpected Memories

Spring cleaning or maybe it's Summer cleaning, has hit me a little later than usual but I am in the middle of a huge studio clean out (aka I am really attempting to go through everything and simplify a little bit). It is always interesting to me to see how many memories I tend to attach to material objects and sewing supplies are no exception.

While sorting my notions and a few random boxes that have been occupying some space around my studio, I came across a bunch of things that I inherited from my grandmother's passing last summer. I couldn't bring myself to sort them out much when I received them, but now was the time.

My grandmother was funny, definitely crafty, tried to teach me to crochet more times than I can count (I still don't know how), and she was just such an interesting lady.

I can still hear her random sayings, the time we made a scrapbook together was hilarious, her laughter, the first time she saw my son, and all sorts of other random memories. Once, I find the right projects for all those buttons, use her pins and other various notions that are now mixed in with my ever expanding collection, or pick up a pair of her knitting needles, I will think of her and smile!

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