Where have I been…

it has been one of those long couple of weeks. Between work, my giant (ok probably epic) meltdown of my iphone screen blacking out, waiting for the replacement phone to get here, doing some actual sewing, birthday parties, dinners with friends, dealing with a crazy amount of allergies that seem to arrive every April, catching up one some blog reading, having some family come and visit, spending time the little man (who doesn't seem to be slowing down in the growing up department- 😉 ), attempting to do a little last-minute spring cleaning in studio, plus I am in the midst of doing some bigger life changes (which I am completely excited about!).

The first few weeks of April have been insanely busy and fairly productive. As for the sewing front, I think I have managed to get out of my little "slump". Here are some of the things I whipped up last week:

A little ModKid doll & Playdate dress (luckily, I had this in my stash). Plus, she got to visit the Eiffel Tower while she was here.

The front of a little doll quilt 🙂 *sorry it's sideways* I did use up some of my Tula Pink stash with this one.
The back of the doll quilt using some Amy Butler as well.

Some more soft balls because they are awesome!

 I was glad that I got these made and the birthday girl loved them! It really did help me get back into my sewing groove and now I am going to attempt to get a few WIPs crossed of the list. 🙂

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