A little check-in with my goals for 2013…

Since it is almost the midway point in my goals (I try to get them accomplished before my birthday in November and set new ones in December), I thought it was time to share where I am at on them. Here there:

 For starters, it looks like I am really going to have to get to my mindset in gear to make some drastic progress on a few of the goals I have been slacking on. Since it's almost the beginning of May (I really can't believe how quickly this year is trucking along), it's time to start doing and stop pushing them out of my mind or on the back burner.

The three goals where I actually feel the most progress (are actually the ones that I thought would be the hardest): dress aka getting my self together most days, being more thoughtful, and being open. If I had to pick the one goal that I really feel like I am doing the best in is being open (surprisingly!). Rolling with things, just going for things, and just seeing where they take me. A new job is on the horizon, new potential friendships, new experiences, and with that has come a renewed sense of self-confidence! Right now, I can truly say that I am happy where I am and am feeling more like the real "me" then I have in a long time.

Now for the other three goals: brown bagging lunch, Sunday brunches, and sewing more can all use a lot more work. Sunday Brunch has been one of the absolute hardest things to plan, make, and just plain get done. I am going to need a serious game plan for this one. Brown bagging lunch needs to happen as does sewing (which I think is going to need specific carved out time each week to complete).

Overall, there are still just a work-in-progress and realistically I can accomplish them all if I set my mind to it. I think most importantly I am going to enjoy the process and just do the best I can to make them happen.

How are your goals for 2013 shaping up?

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