My yesterday…

or how much I love Fridays that are super productive!

Finished up this pair of Amerson Underwear (from the Madalynne blog). I made mine out of some random woven fabric from my stash (super girly and springy). My goal was to use them as sleeping shorts during the summer. I think they turned out pretty well and it is always fun to try out different patterns.

Made some progress on my maxi dress that I started draping a few months ago. (it's just been sitting around looking at me) So I spent a little working on it and finished up one side seam and cut a sleeve. This dress is sort of just a random project and will be something that I am going to more than likely wear around the house when it gets hotter. It is a fairly light weight knit and I am just sort of winging it along with changing things about it as the mood strikes.

I also managed to start cutting out some handbags, 3 to be exact. I am hoping to get some more of the parts cut out this afternoon.

After such a productive day, a little bit of magazine flipping was in order. The new issue of Cooking light arrived and I found a cookie recipe that I just had to make. (chocolate chip granola wedge cookie-it's baked in a pie plate)

It turned out great! I even had to make the subsititution for the quick cooking oats- I used some cinnamon roll instant oatmeal and it still worked out. It was fast and delicious 🙂

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