{About me}

  For as long as I can
remember, I have enjoyed being creative, and was constantly making huge
messes with all my projects around the house. I spent my time painting,
drawing, stamping, knitting, beading, making soap, and creating jewelry,
basically everything that wasn’t sewing. In fact, I was determined not
to learn how to sew. Then when I was in junior/senior in high school, I
came to the conclusion that I wanted to be a fashion designer. So off I
went to San Francisco, and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with
a major in Fashion Design. Really my passion lies in illustrating and
designing (sketching, patternmaking, grading, etc), but I came to love
sewing and learned most of my sewing and construction techniques in
college. After college, I took a break from the fashion scene, but now I
find myself wanting to be right back in the thick of it.

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