4 States…

it was a quick whirlwind of a trip, a father-daughter trip no less, but going through 4 states: Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and back home in less than 26 hours. Some of the best highlights were talking to my dad, being the deejay, crappy service station food, taking random photos, lots of deer sightings, counting trains, and most importantly just hanging with my dad. Here are some of my favorites from the adventure:

Leaving in the early evening
Co-piloting and deejay (yeah, I'm a multi-tasker!)
Sunset and mountains 🙂
it was cold- I actually have another dress on under this one- hehe
Morning sun and snow filled land

lots of highway

Super pink, orange, yellow sunset on the way home.

It was a quick trip, I also fell head over heels for a bar we went to! (the pictures didn't turn out so well) It was my kind of place and I am planning to try to recreate a small area in our house to be styled sort of like it. New random goal for the summer 🙂

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