My One Little Word…

Not only is Dress, my one little word for 2013, but it is also one of my goals for the year (more on those later this week). The were several reasons why I choose this word and it just doesn't have to be for clothing although that will be an important part of it, I suppose 😉 For me the number one reason was to make things just a little more beautiful, spend time in the presentation of things (style, food, home, etc), while enjoying the process of making myself, my surroundings, things for my family, and my outlook a little more polished, refined, and pulled together. I am not saying I am going to try and make things perfect or over-the-top gorgeous. Trust me things are still going to be quirky, creative and still… me- just a little more lovely!

*One of the upcoming new features here on the blog is a little bi-weekly check-in with my One Little Word. There will be DIYs, recaps, and who knows what else so stay tuned! 

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