Year in Review-“A Guest Post”

Hi gang!

I’m Kristen- aka the best pal and I asked KZ if I could be a guest blogger to give you readers a different take on the past year. I know this is primarily a sewing/design blog but it’s also a lifestyle blog as we get to see so much of KZ and her life through her posts and pictures.
Anyway this year has been a wild ride with its ruts and pot holes, steep learning curves and harsh lessons, its moments of sheer perfection and bits of regret, the progress and plans that were made and completed, and the one constant we could always count on: change.

We started the year off with a bang, making big plans and going on a hard core health kick which included a strict cleanse that omitted caffeine, alcohol, meat, processed foods, gluten and sugar. We went gung-ho experimenting with vegetarian recipes, exercising and trying to survive without so many of the many foods and substances we rely on. We also tried to implement positivity in as many aspects as we could and succeeded fairly well for about three weeks. It was a good run but we learned that small steps are important and reiterated to ourselves that being healthy is a lifestyle change that needs to be addressed on a daily basis.

The winter also found KZ in the midst of making one of her own dreams come true: illustrating her first book. She spent such a large amount of time, creativity and energy  putting so much into the project and did an incredible job throughout the entire process. Those around her, especially me, could not be more proud and inspired by her amazing work! And we can’t wait to see what she’ll be doing next!!

Spring rolled in as it often does, sweet and welcome, and slowly gained a ton of momentum as time went by. Bucket list items were crossed off: playing softball (I had the best cheering section of all time) and living life to the fullest. Both KZ and I found ourselves in new experiences with friendships and relationships, battling emotions and situations we hadn’t come across in quite a while and relying on each other as we so often do. It bonded us in a way that can only be compared to as sisters. It is something that very few understand and even more have tried to challenge but its seems now we are family and although we live separate lives there’s about a 96% chance our lives will always be connected and enmeshed in one way or another. 

Summer came in a hurry and seemed to disappear as quickly as it swept in. Full of adventure: jeep rides, margaritas, road trips, summer loves, more softball and playing outside, a ton of craft projects and experimenting, music on at a near constant basis and a million laughs along the way. Despite its challenges of scheduling and job changes and planning ahead, it was one of the most fulfilling and amazing summers of my life and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it, other than I wish it could have lasted forever maybe. We learned so much during the season: that we deserve better than sub-par, sometimes everyone needs a little push in the right direction and perhaps the biggest thing was that no matter how bad you might want something there’s a never any guarantees in life and sometimes you just gotta keep pushin‘ through until you see light at the end of the tunnel (or there’s always the old adage ‘fake it until ya make it’)!      

It seemed as if fall snuck up on us and before anyone knew it our schedules were full with work, and holidays, and plenty of extracurriculars.  We ran our first 5K together-The Color Run- and found we have very different strides (Kayz is a sprinter and I’m a long-legged, long-distance runner) but had a blast supporting a good cause and laughing along the way. We also got caught up in the holiday rush working crazy hours, overcoming new challenges and trying to get back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon while balancing everyday life.

The year was one full of so many challenges and so much joy. I got the opportunity to become a part of another amazing family where I feel loved and accepted and appreciated. I got to watch an amazingly smart, funny, charming little boy continue to grow up into a little man. I got to do, witness and be a part of some many wonderful things. Riding this roller coaster of life separately and together with a girl I get to call my best friend is one of the most amazing blessings I have ever known. What most people don’t know is that KZ is the most supportive, under-appreciated, funny, creative and  kind person I have ever met. She is constantly evolving and trying to change herself for the better and I look up to her so much-she’s not perfect by any means (and no she didn’t pay for this free advertising) but I'm lucky to call her friend…Enough of the mush I guess! I hope everyone has an amazing 2013 and I can’t wait to see what KZ and kzjostudio has in store for us!!

2 thoughts on “Year in Review-“A Guest Post”

  1. So sweet. Love that you guys have such an awesome relationship. And she is right, Kaysie. You are truly such a kind and thoughtful person. I think of you every time I look at the beautiful things you made Julian. I miss you so much. I really hope to visit Idaho soon so I can see you!

  2. Thanks, Cuz! I miss you tons and tons (we need to call more, stat-like!) and expect a care package towards the end of the month! LOVE you!!!

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