The 2012 goal recap…

 so I better fit in a 2012 recap of the goals (really, I have been putting this off….) I know I sort of fell off the bandwagon with the monthly updates and just in general where I am at on them… to be honest I really just fell off the goal bandwagon around the halfway point this year. I can already tell you several of the goals are going to probably end up a little revised and added to my list for before I turn 30 (i know the big 3-0! I think I am really going to have to step up my game with the goal making). Anyways, here's the recap (if your curious for a more in depth look at the 2012 goals click here)

• Yoga-
this one was probably the one goal that I really tried to work on, i attempt to do one yoga routine per week if not more plus I stretch throughout the day. I love it and can see it being a normal almost every day part of my life. I will say that my flexibility has been really improving and I am working my way into more advanced poses.

• Eat less processed food
well, this one was a little touch and go. For awhile, I was really on top of it but the it has been a landslide the past few months. They key for me is to pre-plan that's when I am a little more on top of it. Otherwise, it is a lot harder and easier for me to fall back into old habits.

• Support Independent/local business
I could have been better on this one (can everyone say TARGET! seriously one of the hardest to break), but I did try and I actually have several purchases coming up that will fall into this category 🙂 This is one of the goals that I was probably the most passionate about and really should have worked harder on.

• Throw a party
Technically, I threw X an awesome 5th birthday party, so I am going to count this one as done!

• kzjostudio into a real business
hmmm, this is one of those things where I really didn't try a whole lot. I even really let the blogging slide, but you know what its ok. I really think that I needed that break and I have clearer goals for this for 2013. (fingers crossed they work out!)

• Become an "official runner"
This was the one goal I have really attempted. I did the color run 5k, ran on the treadmill, hit some trails & some pavement, and I am going to say that I am a runner because I am out there trying (or in my house sweating it up on the treadmill). I am doing the best I can and am going to just keep going!

• Make more!
I really didn't make enough this past year, seriously, I realized it is one of my key outlets. When I am not creating, making, doing, I am just not happy. Simple as that. Time is probably the hardest things for me which all really comes to prioritizing (hello, to the time sucks known as pinterest, instagram & facebook). Carving out time for this would have really helped, however, I realize now that this is one of the key things to my happiness in general!

• Studio re-do
One more wall to paint, a closet to organize and a few piles to go and I think I will be satisfied with this one. It's never going to be perfect (I thrive in clutter), it's going to be a never ending project 🙂

• Family photo shoot
Didn't happen. My lack of coordination, time, or just plain sort of forgot about this one. This is going to end up being on the list again!

• Dating
Hmm, what to say about this one. I went out a few times, talked to a few people, a just really let myself start being open to the idea. This is going to be a slow going things (i'm just not there yet) as my trust level is just really not there (broken hearts anyone), probably really guarded, and its just plain hard (probably another sign that I'm not really ready). One day I am sure things will fall into place.

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