Post Christmas

well the last couple of weeks have been nothing short of a bit crazy. Mostly the little guy came down with a crazy cold/flu bug (super high fevers and what not) which then he passed onto the rest of the house. It is has taken over a week for him to get back to almost normal and I am still working on it (this cough may be the end of me). Let me tell you, it is not fun being sick over Christmas- I mostly just laid around, stayed home from work, drank tons of tea, went through a couple boxes of Kleenex, and am still not feeling very great.

On the upside it snowed around here, I caught up on some reading, watched season 12 of Murder, She Wrote (I have completed my whole collection thanks to Santa), and finished a few random little projects. My project to-do list is going to have to go through a little bit of editing as I probably have enough projects to last me until 2025. I am getting amped for 2013 *I have the feeling it is going to be a great year*

A few photos that captured a little bit of the action the last few weeks:

Christmas Twister: this was a huge hit and all you need are some vinyl window clings (got mine at the dollar store) and some reindeer headbands. Attach the clings to the twister board (I used a little tape for this) and put on the headbands. Its a lot of fun and X loved it!
Winter sunsets 🙂
Some visitors in the yard

All in all it was a fun Christmas! Everyone got a little spoiled, especially the little man, but I really loved spending so much wonderful time with my family even if I was sick!

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