Another busy week…

We had our first dusting of last weekend, which started my saturday off great! (plus a new christmas cd, The Lady Antebellum one is amazing!) I managed to make it to our branch of the modern quilt guild's holiday party! It was a blast catching up with all the lovely ladies and working on projects in the midst of a ton of chit-chatting. One of the best parts is the gift exchange, I was in need of a quick gift. So, what does anyone do when they can't think of something- Pinterest! I came across a really cute fast project:

A mason jar filled with a few sewing notions (a little needle book & quilting needles) along with a pincushion top. It was a really fast, easy gift that I actually think is quite useful. I am going to have to make one for me!

In other random news, I spent part of the weekend taking care of an under-the-weather little guy, worked on my cross-stitch sampler, worked at the day job, contemplated a few goals for the "Before I turn 30" list, enjoyed a few holiday activities, finished up a few gift things, fit in one yoga session, and realize I have way more things to get done then I thought. I guess this means this weekend is going to be insanely busy.

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