a little bit of sewing…

I actually finished one baby quilt for a friend (I still am working on one more, it is just taking awhile for that one and it is going to be a little on the late side, actually really late, but it will eventually get done) Anyways, here's a look at the quilt:

the quilt is a 9 blocks with some corner triangles added on each corner of the block. This was made from blocks that I cut too small for my innocent crush quilt 🙂 I am so glad that I finally had a way to use them up, instead of them just sitting around in my scrap pile. For the quilting, I simply went around the inside of each square, made free-form hearts in the center of the squares and then did 3 rows of quilting around the border. 
Luckily, the binding was an easy choice! The backing is just a solid chocolate flannel. 
I love how this quilt turned out and the it was a hit with the mom and baby 🙂

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