September’s moving on & October is moving in…

I can't believe September is already gone (basically)! Incoming of what is probably the busiest month of the entire year for me 🙂

Anyways here's what's happening around:

Watching lots of housewives well bravo for that matter

Drinking lots of water, green smoothies (attempting to) & my nightly tea

Enjoying the crispness in the air that comes with fall

Transitioning into different work responsibilities for a few months

Planning a little boy's upcoming 5th birthday party

Running more on the treadmill (at least 3 times a week)

Hoping for lovely fall weather

Counting down the days to seeing Alanis in concert (seriously I can't wait)

Creating my illustration portfolio site

Sewing a quilt

Making at least one new piece of clothing in the next month

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One thought on “September’s moving on & October is moving in…

  1. I missed you at the guild KZ! Also we were all ooing and awwing over your book! My favorite part was the little rotary cutter:) I just realized you have a twitter and Im totally following you! Also lets talk about a shoot maybe saturday for you and xander! because the next weekend I have a race to to you soon!!xoxo

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