Wow, Summer is almost gone…

I can't believe how quickly summer has gone by, it seems like I was waiting forever for it to arrive and now it is slipping into the crispness that is autumn. (which is probably my favorite time of year, filled with new beginnings and cozy times). These past few months have been filled with many experiences and lots growth/changes with things like x starting pre-school full-time (he is no longer a baby as he says-lol), evolving friendships, and lots of new goals and direction for my life as I am constantly striving to find a way to live a life that is meaningful, loving, and amazing (lofty goals I know!) Anyways, here are lots of my favorite memories from the past few months, sorry it's going to be a little photo heavy!

1) watching x at swimming lessons 2) working on a maxi dress which is still in progress 3)x and I enjoying/taking a break from the slip'n'slide madness

4) Margaritas and BBQ with some outside lounging 5) golfing in the yard 6) X's first monster truck show/adventure

7) Watching lots of softball and cheering loudly for the Aunt Kristen 8) Best friends hanging out tons on lots of quirky adventures 9) Still in love with Batman

10) Balance rock fun 11) Lots of jeep loving adventures 12) me actually playing softball (not really my thing at all but I only ended up having to hit 3 times thank goodness that's over!)

13) my little play doh ninja man I made 14) Lots of road trip driving 15) lots of concert goodness

16) Chris Young concert love (i am officially a die hard fan now) 17) Chris Young cuteness 18) State fair fun

19) Botanical garden early morning fun, thought the rock was a great place for a photo op! 20) Loving diner breakfasts as always and the Trolley house is now going to be on my list for every time we go to boise (best omelette that I have found in boise so far) 21) me doing a little yoga in front of the mediation garden

This summer is going to be hard to beat!

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