A little update on my 2012 goals…

(don't forget you can click the tab at the top that says 2012 goals to find out what things I am trying to conquer this year before I turn 29!)

•Yoga- so far I have been making some headway on this. I haven't been practicing 3 times a week but enough to be making progress on my practice. I have also found that reading Yoga Journal magazine is both enlightening and extremely helpful for delving deeper in to yoga.

•Less processed food- for awhile I was doing really well on this, but have slipped in the past couple of months… I am thinking about doing another cleanse and getting a juicer (especially when things from the garden start popping up) to help.

•I really need to start working on supporting independent and/or local businesses. I have been making slow progress on it, but I am going to really try to do more in the coming months.

•Clean out my studio- I feel like I am almost at the half-way point on this. I have only one more wall to paint, but about a million things to sort through. I really believe that slow and steady is going to win the race here.

•Make more!- I haven't been making lots of stuff lately, but it seems like I have a million and one projects in progress. Right now I seem to be in the usual habit of starting and stopping in the middle of different projects, so I am really going to have to buckle down and cross a few things of the to-do list that's for sure!

Overall, I have made some progress in the last few months on many of my goals and hopefully I will have a few more crossed off by the end of July! Here's to a productive next few months!

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