Sun Valley day trip

Last Wednesday, I managed to take a quick day trip to Sun Valley (i know there seemed to be a little bit of travel over the last few weeks, which is making my posting a little more sporadic). I went with my mom and best pal, the car ride was a blast and included some yummy lattes from Starbucks, lots of girl talk, and great music.

Kristen and I walked all around visiting lots of cute shops. We went two really fun thrift shops where I scored a couple of books. Then we had an amazing lunch at a diner called Shorty's (by the way, I seriously love vintage like diners with all the fun tabletop juke6boxes, lack and white floors, neon lights and milkshakes). Right next two the diner was a little fabric shop, I didn't find a ton of things there but did pick up a yard of an Amy Butler "love" print for my stash. Later in the afternoon, we came across an amazing paper shop, quirky bookstores, and topped it off with a relaxing coffee break at Tully's plus there may or may not have been a late afternoon snack of ice cream ;). Anyways, my great co-pilot managed to snap a few photos showing of the sunny day (even though it was really windy) it was fairly warm:

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