Easter Recap…

which I realize that Easter was almost a week ago (apparently that is how behind I am on things in my blogging world). Luckily, the weather was super awesome aka warm and not windy! My pal, Kristen and I took x to a local egg hunt on Saturday (I technically dragged her along). This is the third year that X has participated. I was super proud that he went and got the eggs himself and had a clear game plan for his "get the most eggs he could objective" (yeah, there may have been a few pep talks involved). He ended up with a grand total of 11…

and here we are before the hunt:

here is one with his Aunt Kristen after the wild minute of fun:

Then since the Easter bunny was running behind schedule, we spent the rest of the day gather some things for his easter basket and working on painting the studio. Plus some outdoor bubble time:

Sunday was filled lots of easter basket fun, yummy food including brunch (which may actually be my favorite meal of all time mainly because I <3 breakfast), an amazing dinner and lots of family fun time.

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