Spring love…

I am completely obsessed with Essie nail polish in turquoise & caicos paired up with ole caliente! I am might also be infatuated with my new ring (from American Eagle). This spring is already shaping up to be lovely.

Yesterday, I spent time being a judge at a school science fair. It was a great learning experience for me and the kids. This was my second year judging and it was interesting to see all the experiments. I already can't wait to see next year's entries.

Afterwards, my best pal and I went to a thrift shop. I managed to find a couple of shirts for the little man, a new purse for me, and a couple of awesome tapes (yes, tapes! I couldn't pass up a vintage Reba tape for a whole 75 cents). Somehow I have already listened to it twice and it reminds me of car trips, long summer days, and cold drinks. It might turn out to be a staple in my music playlist for the summer. We finished the day by browsing at the mall, a little jamba juice love, a new haircut for the pal and then dinner with my little man.

Today was back to my regular work day, but thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! It's a family dinner night and then spa yoga fun (I am really getting into this yoga business! I can't believe how much difference it has made not only in my appearance, but my stress level and how I handle difficult/frustrating situations. I am hooked.) Let's hope tomorrow is going to be filled with lots of sunshine, great times, and lots of spring fun šŸ™‚

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