March Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

Last night was another amazing meeting with the local quilt guild! (seriously, I love all of the wonderful ladies, they are each so inspiring!) Luckily, it was finally time to swap pillows for our pillow swap! I decided to break into my stash (ok, serious hoarding problem) of Tula Pink to create my pillow since I was assigned one of my dearest friends. Here it is in all it's glory:

Stats: 18" x 18", fabric various Tula Pink lines, pattern: Busy Bee Hive from the pillow trio by modkid sewing patterns, & various colors of embroidery floss

Overall, I loved how it turned out and the pattern was super easy to follow which is always a plus. Here is the pillow, I ended up with made by the amazing Heather of The Quilt Barn:

I absolutely love it as in I am obsessed with it! I mean seriously did you notice the smocking (done by hand!),

I love details like this! The pillow is going to live on my bed where I can enjoy it every single day! For me one of the best parts of our guild is the interaction among the members and the amazing friends I have made throughout our community 🙂

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