Studio makeover: the paint!

So, my biggest goal for March is to re-paint my studio. It is a major undertaking, of course, (it has been the same colors for over ten years, it's definitely time for a change), but I am looking forward to it! This is really going to help with my goal of getting the studio cleaned up and will hopefully fill me with creative inspiration. To start with I went through a bunch of my old paint chips and found these:

They are old Martha stewart colors that they don't make anymore. (and in case your wondering, I am planning on using all 3 colors on various walls as well on trim that is going around my design walls) Yesterday, we went on an adventure to home depot to look at seeds for the garden and to find paint that was close to the old colors. This is what I came back with:

Now, I have to make some critical decisions on which I like best. I will be getting the paint + primer to hopefully cover the stripes and deep aqua in two coats (fingers crossed). My plan is to buy one gallon at a time so I actually get one wall done at a time before I get the other colors. I figure this will actually force me to get it done quickly. I really can't wait to finish up with a few of my projects that are on deadlines in order to get started on this.

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