Yea for the weekend!!!

This week has just flown by leaving me in a wake of little cluttered piles everywhere. Mainly, I spent the week working on a large project, at the day job for some of it, at the print shop, a trip to michael's, a haircut, and several lunches out with some of my favorite pals! (side note: my bff is finally back in town which makes me oh so very happy & I just think this sparkler picture is pretty neat even if it is a little random- wink, wink!)

This morning has already been filled with coffee, a little bit of snow on the ground, hungry, hungry hippos, and who could leave out The Nightmare Before Christmas (x's favorite movie ever, he watches at least 2 times a day!) Totally cracks me up, gotta love that kid 🙂

Today, the bff and I are signing up/weighing in for one of the local weight loss challenges, testing out a treadmill (hoping it's on sale, fingers crossed), and throwing a 90s board game birthday party for one of our dearest pals tonight! Hope you all have an awesome Saturday!

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