Finally, snow & jogging…

Sorry about the missing in action lately on the blog front, in between projects, work, and other fun randomness things have been a little on the crazy side of things. Anyways, today some snow finally started to fall (the above photo was at the beginning of the snow storm), which totally made my day! I spent most of the day working on household chores and listening to muder, she wrote while illustrating. That always makes for an awesome day!

Also, I thought I should do a quick little check-in on my 2012 goals (since it has been awhile).

– goal 1: yoga update, tried to find a yoga studio, but there isn't one here! It looks like I might have to take a class from the y. I really need to break out some of my yoga DVDs.

– goal 2: less processed food, really going to be working on this in February by starting with a cleanse. I think it is going to a great way to get on track with better eating habits πŸ™‚

– goal 3: buy local and/or independent, I have been trying to do this quite often, my favorite purchase as of late, was the dessert of the month club (yay for cross stitching making a comeback!)

– goal 4: throw a party, I have a few ideas, I just need to pick a date

– goal 5: kzjostudio into thriving business, I have been revising my business plan & making goals

– goal 6: become an "official" runner, I want to be able to run a half marathon by my birthday, so I am spending lots of quality time on this:

– goal 7: make more with my stash, I have used quite a few things like yarn and other random things in the last few weeks

– goal 8: go on a weekend adventure, I have a game plan for that one πŸ˜‰

– goal 9: organize & clean out my studio, I finally picked out paint colors and in march the revamp is going to begin

– goal 10: family photo, I am planning this for June or July

– goal 11: increase my knitting skills, this has been the one goal that I have really worked on lately, between cowl neck scarves, baby booties, and starting a hat, I feel like I have made major progress on this one

– goal 12: re-enter the dating world, slowly but surely working on this one. (little side note: since this goal is a little more private to me, I won't be sharing tons of details on this one.) Just know that I am making progress on it πŸ™‚

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