The holidays are almost over…

And it's time to start getting back into some sort of normal routine in the next few weeks. I hope that your holidays were filled with a ton of family, friends, and plenty of good times.

I started several mornings filled with lovely conversations with my mom, hot coffee and catching up on my magazine reading. I also spent a great portion of the time working and finishing up last minute odds and ends. One of the highlights happened on Christmas eve when one of my best pals came over and we played my old board games from the early 90s. It was so much fun and was pretty hilarious. X spent a lot of his time:

In pajamas, eating lots of yummy things, laughing,

Playing with his new hot wheels & track, his new batman truck, watching movies, and….

Making music with his new drum set! We both had a great Christmas and I loved spending it with so many members of my family!

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