Secret Santa gift…

Luckily, I ended up with a great person to give to ( as in I knew just what to get her without too much guessing if she would like it, it's awesome when things fall into place like that!), but of course I just couldn't buy everything, I just had to throw in a little handmade something. My pal just so happens to be of the coffee-loving kind-of gal, so I picked up a fun mug and some star bucks via coffee. Then I thought a mug rug would be a lovely way to complete the gift:

I used up some scraps from the ever-growing pile in my studio and made a fairly long mug rug so she could set a plate of cookies next to her coffee or any other yummy snack. What I really loved about this project was doing the free-motion quilting.

It was the first free-motion quilted item I have made since attending Sewing Summit. The class I took on the subject really helped me to improve my stitch quality, patterns, and ease of quilting. The whole process seems so much easier now.

This morning, I gave her the gift and she loved it!

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