Nothing really exciting going on around here…

Just trying to catch up from a busy work week the joys of working in retail), finishing up some holiday shopping (I think I almost have everything) and attempting to make a couple more Christmas presents. I still have lots of present wrapping to do and I think I will make a couple more garlands to go around them. This week has been super exhausting, a couple of nights I have been in bed before 8. Seriously, I must look like a walking zombie half the time.

I did manage with the help of one of my pals (seriously working with the tulle was a lot simpler with two people, but is doable if you're by yourself), to make my very first tutu. Yes, you read that right…. I made a tutu!? Ok, so it is for one of my son's friends, but I just couldn't resist the urge to dive into my girly side for a moment 😉

The pattern is from the Oliver + s book . It came together really quickly and one of my favorite things about there patterns are always how the seams are finished. I am a sucker for those finishing details that always bring a garment or project to the next level. I chose only 3 colors of tulle with 2 layers each (unfortunately, our local fabric shops didn't have the right width of tulle so it is not quite as full as it should be, oh well, maybe next time)

I hope she loves it! Now, it's back to plotting out all the things I need to get done this weekend (like gift wrapping, cookie baking, illustrating, sewing, and some knitting)!

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