Another year has come and gone…

I will remember 2011 as a year in which I have really come into my own as a single mother, a better friend, a more patient lady (although I could always improve on that one), a better risk taker, and becoming more aware of the things I really want to accomplish with my life.

Some of the highlights from the year include: getting my motorcycle license, being more social, increasing my public speaking skills, teaching classes, making great strides in forging a career in the illustration world, sewing lots, going to quilt market, losing a good deal of weight, making great friends and really letting those relationships grow, and overall becoming a stronger, happier lady. Of course, there are always some lows that come with all the highs. I am constantly being tested in being a full-time single mother and the learning curve that goes with raising a child (my son is always teaching me new things & helping my to evolve as an individual & I wouldn't trade it for the world– I love him to pieces!). Putting myself out there with a fear of being rejected or unsure of the outcome has never been as nerve wrecking as it has been this year. Standing by my feelings, owning up to my mistakes and choices, and trusting my own instincts has been a challenging, but worthwhile endeavor.

Overall, I think 2011 has taught me not to give up on myself, try new things, think outside the box, show my son that he can do anything he wants as long as he tries his best (through actions not just words), be more open with people, trust more, feel comfortable in my own skin, and live life through experiences. I have big plans and goals for 2012 and I have a feeling it is going to be an amazing year filled with tons of magical adventures!

from my studio to yours, Happy New Year and may 2012 bring all you want and more! xoxo- kz

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