Another weekend goes by…

Filled with many episodes of murder, she wrote, real housewives, cookie eating, blog reading, sewing, read the december vogue (must say that it was really inspirational this month), grocery shopping, Christmas gift getting, and treadmill comparing (really can't wait for that one, so ready to run while catching up on my Bravo shows). One of the exciting things that I picked up yesterday was a new sketchbook:

I can't wait to start jotting ideas and doing some sketches on all those blank pages, I have a ton of great plans for 2012! (in case your wondering its the moleskine soft cover blank journal) These are my favorite sketchbooks of all time because they last so well over time.

Anyways, the other day when the tutu was finished up I made up these mittens for x:

While going through my fabric stash I found some camo fleece and decided they would make perfect mittens for the little man (the pattern is from the oliver + s book). They were quick and easy but next time I would probably not use regular fleece since it is a little thick. For his mittens I chose the medium size and they would have been done earlier except I set them asides before putting the elastic in the wrist area. X really seems to like them, so I might make a few more pairs.

its crazy to think that christmas is only a week away (I really hope it snows, like tons, I always have a love affair with White Christmases, they just seem incredibly romantic and magical to me). I only have a few more little things to get together, a little bit of sewing, and lots of holiday baking still needs to be done. Somehow it will all manage to come together in the end and will be simply amazing!

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