Actually fit in some sewing…

Early this morning. I started working on a little something for my secret Santa for the magic valley modern quilt guild. It's looking like this:

I think it is headed in a good direction. Then I had to run and do a few errands (a little christmas shopping) and pick up some double pointed needles for a knitting project, I am hoping to start this weekend. This afternoon, while catching up on some murder, she wrote episodes, I started working on the ornaments for the cookie boxes this year:

Lots of hand sewing going on, but it is pretty relaxing. I plan on backing them with felt. Plus, I had some help from my hyper assistant:

Overall, excellent progress for today. Now I am going to sit back with a snow day winter ale (a recommendation from the beer guy at the grocery store) and try to get a few more ornaments together. Then it is off to build a fort to camp out in the living room (it's today's advent calendar activity) Hope you have a fun Saturday night 🙂

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