A little check-in with the goals…

So, far the only goal that has really been making lots of progress on is the increase my knitting skills. Maybe it's because the weather is colder or it just seems like a great way to unwind after a long day.

So far, I have become friends with circular needles, double-pointed needles, and am starting a hat with a lace pattern in it. The above photo is my first attempt at a baby bootie (it was made on double pointed needles), it is a little wonky, but overall it still looks pretty cute. As for the colors, I am trying to keep it pretty modern and bold. I am planning on making at least 3 sets of them in the couple months (all for little girls) and I am planning on keeping the colors in green, grey, pinks, mustard, and maybe a little charcoal variegated with a little gray.

I am moving a little bit slower with many of my other goals, but over the next couple months I am hoping to have a few of them crossed if not have a lot more progress on them.

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